About Us

About us:
       Pars industry trade engineering company with over 20 years experience and knowing the proper strategy considerations Excellence (EFQM) in supplying of  outside and inside of Iran , and commercial services for various industries, including the undercarriage construction machinery, raw materials for casting, casting parts supply method , supply of asphalt and sand and parts of its activities continued to develop its activities by taking advantage of the most appropriate brands available, try to always have the best products & services with the best quality solutions , including online orders, and utilizing the new services to our customers to provide.
With regard to knowledge and relations as well as access to stocks ready for delivery, according to our customers needs, we also provide the required brands. We honor to declare, with different channels and good relations with merchants and suppliers, supply items desirably easy.
Deliver products on time and with the expected quality of our clients are main goal.
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